Beverage Range

Jango Mango

The ideal blend of aroma, flavor and sweetness. Jango Mango is made using two cultivars of mangoes. One is "Chaunsa"; sweet and simple, and the other, "Anwar-Ratol"; small and complex. Jango Mango combines the two, utilizing their aroma, sweetness and flavors to complement each other to perfection.


Purmango is made from the tastiest, juiciest & yummiest mangoes in earth! These mangoes are carefully chosen for their aroma and flavors from dense orchards of South Asia. Harvested and hand-picked at the perfect ripeness, these mangoes provide the pulp that we make into delicious Purmango for you to savor.

Jango Strawberry

You have had them in Ice Creams, Milkshakes, blend of juices, pies and other confectioneries but rarely do we care to notice it's flavor on its own. With our Strawberry nectar, we strive to right that wrong by retaining all the nutritious deliciousness that is Strawberry.

Jango Guava

The richness of natural nutrients combined with subtle taste is what sets Guava apart. With its unique colors and thick texture, our Guava nectar mimics the fruit it is made from. Ideal for highly nutritious and low calorie diet.

Jango Peach

Our Peach nectar is made from fruit indigenous to South Asia that has garnered admiration of Kings and Emperors over a millennium. With an ingredient as supple as Peach, its best to let nature come through. That is exactly what you will find in our Peach nectar; The fine natural taste and texture, bottled with all its nuances intact.

Jango Lychee

We removed the strange peel and the massive pit inside the Lychee fruit and the pulp is what you will find in our Lychee nectar. Of course, the abundant rare minerals and Vitamins that the fruits are so valued for still remain and provide the health benefits that we all deserve.

Fresh Fruits


A fruit that carries the best of both worlds! Kinnow is a close relative of both, Mandarins and Oranges, meaning it carries the pulp and juice of an orange, and the soft peel and flavor of Mandarins.

Kinnow season starts in November and ends in March, a longer picking season than any other citrus variety. At Jango Farms, Kinnows are properly harvested, graded, treated with proper fungicide, waxed and and stored carefully at about 4°C which makes the fruit retain its freshness up to 60 days.

Kinnows are available in cartons of different sizes which vary according to customer's requirement.


Imagine a fruit grown and selected over generations for flavor and aroma, using the techniques unadulterated by the demand of mass market. Add in the unique soil, sweltering hot weather, monsoon rains and traditional methods of cultivation; The sum of all that is what you taste in each and every one of our fruits.

Anwar Ratol

The mascot of our company and a favorite among mango aficionados. Anwar Ratol is small in size with yellow tinge on the outer shell. Inside, it's the color of gold with a firm texture and non-fibrous pulp. It packs a huge amount of flavor and is just the right kind of sweet, making it impossible not to devour in huge numbers.

Avg. Weight: 180 g
Availability: June to September


The crowd-pleaser of the family. Chaunsa is unique due to its amber color and curvy shape. The fruit's light, firm and has fibrous pulp. Chaunsa's sweet flavor pleases all comers.

Avg. Weight: 350 g
Availability: June to October


The unsung hero of the bunch! Those who like their fruit ultra-sweet swear by it. Langra is thin with a green outer shell that starts to turn yellow when the fruit is ripe. It's nature's gift to people with a sweet tooth.

Avg. Weight: 250 g
Availability: May to July


These mangoes get their names from the great Sindh. Simple, earthly and full of vigor, these mangoes are the true working class heroes that do their name full justice.

Avg. Weight: 200 g
Availability: May to July


The legend goes that the first Dusheri was cultivated in the gardens of the Nawab of Lucknow in India. With its bright sunny skin and its rich, juicy pulp, we totally understand why the Nawab chose to develop this cultivar. A true royal among the most royal of fruits!

Avg. Weight: 190 g
Availability: June to August

Fruit Pulp

Jango Farms has been extracting high quality pulp from Mango, Guava, Strawberry and Peach, that we utilize to craft our products. Although most of the pulp is used in-house, we do, however, provide the same high quality pulp to various commercial and industrial consumers. We have the ability to supply chemically preserved, frozen and aseptic pulp, in custom packaging. We can also craft various blends of pulps to an exacting standard that is a requirement for our discerning clientele.

Jango Farms' quality pulp is used in making concentrates, bakery products, nectars, drinks, milk shakes, ice creams, fruit bars, yogurts, deserts etc.